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A Guide to Healthy Skin

  • DHS Tar Shampoo: Ultimate Scalp Relief from Dandruff and Psoriasis

    Struggling with scalp problems? DHS Tar Shampoo is the solution! Its 0.5% Coal Tar Extract formula provides effective relief from dandruff and psoriasis symptoms like itching, flaking, scaling, and inflammation. Clinically proven and fragrance-free, it's gentle on your scalp.
  • Maui Fire Relief

      Join Us in Supporting Maui's Recovery Efforts   At Persōn & Covey, Inc., we firmly believe in the power of community and compassion. Today, ...
  • Back to School Skincare Made Simple with Persōn & Covey, Inc.

    Going back to school can be an exciting yet busy time. It's essential not to overlook skincare. Persōn & Covey, Inc. introduces a simple and effective skincare routine to help you achieve radiant and healthy skin effortlessly. Embracing this easy routine not only ensures great glowing skin but also boosts confidence. Allowing you to focus on your academic journey with confidence and grace.
  • Prioritizing Diversity in Skincare

    We’re going to discuss the lack of representation of POC in dermatology and skincare, specifically when it comes to skin conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis which share symptoms like itching, redness, dry/cracked skin, inflammation, and thickened skin.
  • Aquanil Cleanser: The Original Soap-Free Cleanser

    Aquanil is a soap and lipid free cleanser. Meaning, it doesn’t contain any harsh detergents that could compromise your skin barrier.  You might think that gentle cleansers are only for sensitive skin, however, our skin is exposed to a multitude of things like UV rays, weather, environmental pollutants, and much more that could be harming your skin’s natural barrier. Which means your skin whether oily, sensitive, or dry can use all the help it can get!
  • Season of Giving

    It’s the Season of Giving and we’re excited to share examples of how we’ve worked to help our community and ways you can help contribute to helping those in need.
  • Skincare Awareness

    Everyone is deserving of skin care! Engaging in a skincare routine and showing yourself some TLC helps maintain healthy hygiene and can help improve your mood. We’ve put together a list of healthy habits that will help keep you and your skin happy and healthy! From your scalp to your toes, we’ve got you covered!
  • Acne

    Living with acne isn't easy and it can difficult to find the right routine to help manage it. Continue reading for more information on how to to manage acne prone skin.
  • Rosacea

    National Rosacea Awareness Month   What is rosacea? Rosacea is a chronic but treatable skin condition that affects about 16 million individuals in...
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  • Skin Cancer Prevention

    February is National Cancer Prevention Awareness Month. We’re going to focus on one of the most common types of cancer, which is skin cancer. We’re going to walk through facts and prevention to help you and your loved ones live healthier lives.
  • New Year, New Skin!

    Let’s ring in the new year with new skin! Give your skin a fresh start by getting back to the basics of skincare. With so many products available, putting together the perfect skincare routine can be overwhelming. So, check out our tips for improving your skincare routine and keeping it simple!