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Persōn & Covey

Persōn & Covey, Inc. has been a pioneer in the field of health and personal care since its founding, by chemist Lorne V. Persōn, in 1941.

The family owned California-based company has grown with each generation to offer an ever-widening line of internationally distributed products.

From its beginning, Persōn & Covey, Inc. has worked closely with the medical community to develop high-quality therapeutic formulas, especially in the areas of sun protection and dermatological care.Today the company continues to create revolutionary products for use by medical professionals and their patients. Recognizing that each patient is unique, Persōn & Covey, Inc. carefully crafts products that are appropriate for use by even the most sensitive of users.

Through its commitment to combining cutting-edge science with cosmetic elegance, Persōn & Covey, Inc. is proud to continue its tradition of providing outstanding health and beauty solutions.