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New Year, New Skin!



Let’s ring in the new year with new skin! Give your skin a fresh start by getting back to the basics of skincare. With so many products available, putting together the perfect skincare routine can be overwhelming. It can be easy to overdo it.

We want the best for our skin, but it can be easy to get carried away with products and most times too much can irritate your skin or compromise your skin barrier. So, check out our tips for improving your skincare routine and keeping it simple!


1. Review and Discard

Regularly go through your products and discard any expired product(s) or product(s) that haven’t been meeting your skin’s needs.


2. Start with the Basics

Simplify your skincare routine and focus on the basics.

     -Cleanse: Use a gentle cleanser that won’t irritate your skin.

We suggest using Aquanil, which is strong enough to remove mascara, oil, and dirt while being gentle for sensitive skin.


     -Moisturize: Use a gentle moisturizer after cleansing or bathing to help lock in moisture.

 Our DML Moisturizing Lotion is a non-greasy, fast absorbing lotion formulated for daily use on the face and body and is great for all skin types!


     -Protect: Apply sunscreen every day to prevent skin damage and premature aging.

 Apply it daily for max defense against aging. We recommend looking through our Solbar products to find a sunscreen that works best for your skin.



3. Assess Your Skin

Assess your skin concerns and adjust your routine as needed. When assessing your skin’s needs be sure to consider things such as skin type, environment/ climate, sensitivities, and other concerns like aging, acne, dark spots, etc.


4. Spread Out Actives

Spread out products with active ingredients and additional skincare steps like exfoliating. Avoid using too many actives at a time. You can also alternate products between AM and PM routines. 


5. Keep It in Order

Apply products in the correct order and as instructed. (Ex. Cleanser, toner, serums, moisturizers, sunscreens, etc.)


*Avoid mixing products unless instructed by manufacturer or dermatologist.


  • Great products! However, your product line is in need of a facial cleanser for those of us with “Normal to Oily” skin. Otherwise, you offer an exceptional skin care and hair care product line.

    Kindest regards,


    Trenton Wozniak
  • I have been getting dark spots my face, and I was curious to know if you ave any products that help to diminish those brown spots. I know there are hand lotions that help prevent brown spots on the hands, but I do not know if there are similar products for the face.

    Ann L Larson

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