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Skincare Awareness

skincare awareness

Everyone is deserving of skin care! Engaging in a skincare routine and showing yourself some TLC helps maintain healthy hygiene and can help improve your mood. We’ve put together a list of healthy habits that will help keep you and your skin happy and healthy! From your scalp to your toes, we’ve got you covered!

Make Healthy Choices

  • Eat healthy- making healthier food choices could help improve your skin. Make sure to stay away from processed foods, when possible, and try to eat more vegetables and fruits. Keep in mind that certain types of food could also trigger or exacerbate skin conditions, like dermatitis.


  • Sleep- getting a good night’s sleep helps boost blood flow which helps with puffiness, dark circles, and complexion. Sleep helps your skin heal, lowers stress and inflammation.


  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! - Make sure to drink plenty of water and keep your skin moisturized. Hydrated skin has better elasticity and is less likely to suffer from scarring or show premature signs of aging.


  • Exercise- adding exercise to your routine helps improve your skin’s blood flow and oxygenation. This can help improve things like inflammation and complexion. It can be as simple as adding a brisk walk to your everyday routine.


  • Manage stress- stress can affect the overall wellness of your skin and cause flare-ups of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Acceptance can also alleviate the stress of not meeting social standards for “beautiful skin.” As cheesy as it may seem, sometimes loving and appreciating yourself can make huge improvements in your overall health and mood. Take some time off and make sure to relax. Indulge in a face mask, take a bath, or do something that sparks joy!


  • Keep it simple- We don’t always have time to do an elaborate skincare routine. Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. Remember to cleanse, hydrate, and protect! Don’t forget that skincare is not limited to just your face and make sure to take care of your entire body. And ALWAYS apply sunscreen!


  • Visit your Dermatologist regularly- make sure to keep track of any changes in your skin. Things like weather, environment, diet, sleep, and behaviors could cause changes in your skin’s health. Its important to pay attention to your skin’s needs and talk to a Dermatologist about these changes and any concerns that you might have about the overall well-being of your skin.


Take it slow and be mindful that all these things can have an affect on your skin and not just the skin on your face! Skincare is for everyone, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have healthy and happy skin. Our goal is to make quality skincare products accessible and affordable for all skin types.

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