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Drysol DOM 35cc

Drysol DOM 35cc

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Maximum strength solution for severe Hyperhidrosis.


Contact us or a doctor for more information.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      For more information please ask a physician.


      “I used Drysol for three days and it literally stopped my sweating.” “I have severe sweating problems and when it starts getting bad I use Drysol for a few days and the problem is gone.” “What a relief, no more wet shirts.” “Give Drysol a try, it’s awesome! It is great to be free of sweating.” “I’ve been using Drysol for about a year now. It works great!”“I've been using Drysol for about 6 months - and it has been working wonders!” “I love this product!” “I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone who suffers from excessive sweating.”“This stuff works!” “If you've ever been embarrassed by those huge wet armpit stains, you need this.” “I can finally wear what I want to wear and throw away those tank tops that I depended on for years. I'm more confidant and I look so good in my long sleeves.”“I love summer now! I can wear tanks and tees and not have to worry.” “Drysol has changed my life dramatically. I am more confident and more outgoing than ever before. This products works like gold.” “I just used Drysol for the first time last night and I am blown away! I can finally buy shirts that are not black! I won't have to wear a sweater or jacket in the summer anymore.”“I'm going to use this product for the rest of my life. Thank you to the makers of Drysol!”

      Aluminum Chloride (Hexahydrate) 20%, Anhydrous Ethyl Alcohol (SD Alcohol 40) 93%

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